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Epoxy & Traffic
Intallation of epoxy coating in black with yellow traffic management.
Epoxy Warehouse
Installation of Epoxy System
Stencilling & Traffic
Concrete Stencilling Large lettering to specifications.

Why our floors are your solution

Traffic Management Plans

Adflex has been at the forefront of Traffic Management for many years in the Industrial and Commercial Sector. 

We can help you design and install a Safety Managment System for your business with features such as:

Epoxy & Polyurethane Resin Flooring

With our hardwearing industrial strength epoxy floor coatings, your floor surfaces will have resistance to chemicals, oils, and abrasions.

Offers a durable surface, able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic that seals and protects concrete surfaces, maintaining clean and safe conditions for workers, equipment and inventory.

Line Marking

Highlight designated pedestrian and vehicle pathways with high visibility epoxy coated Line Marking for parking and walkways.

Define safety and production work areas and assist with the prevention of OH&S incidents in your workplace.

Concrete Repair

We use high strength epoxy adhesives that bond and repair anything from hairline cracks, large divots, spooling concrete, to salt damp and more.
Our cement or epoxy based self level is used to provide strength and durability, whilst forming a smooth and level texture on the floor surface.

Seamless Floor

Dirt, debris and spills from mechanical equipment can become trapped in control or expansion joints causing them to deteriorate over time, depending on your floors movements. The solution? Seamless Floor.

Solid, cementitious levelling compound and/or epoxy joint sealers are used to form a seamless surface that will stretch and contract with your concrete’s movements.

100% Volume Solid Epoxy or Urethane

100% Volume solid products are solvent free, virtually odourless, with exceptional adhesion and performance properties.

Fewer coats are required to achieve the desired thickness, as they don’t contain water or solvents that need to evaporate during drying.

The 100% Volume solids formation has virtually no odour/low VOC’s, and is ideal for areas that cannot be affected by strong smells. A low odour environment has serious appeal for businesses that need to be back up and running fast.

Anti slip

Our Anti – Slip treatment can turn almost any floor finish into a tough abrasion resistant and non – slip surface, ensuring safety and productivity in all types of environments. Slip resistant aggregates are incorporated into the floor coating to provide safe traction underfoot.


Our high strength epoxy primers provide a waterproof membrane on a wide variety of substrates and surfaces. They are resistant to hydrostatic pressure, preventing rising damp on either floors or walls.

Concrete Densifier

Densifier significantly increases surface hardness and concrete density, providing a concrete surface that proves to be harder and more durable. The chemical reaction produced, binds the densifier and concrete together making the slab more durable and stronger than before treatment.

Steel Coating

Protect steel used in pipeline construction, structural reinforcing bars and a wide range of structural steel, from corrosion issues. As well as being weather and water resistant it is also able to withstand extreme temperatures.

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